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Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? One of the features you need to factor into this project is countertop installation in Carrollton, TX. Gorgeous granite countertops make a wonderful addition to your home, as well as a valuable investment in your property. Reach out to Premium Cabinets Dallas for a free consultation with our countertop contractor.

Our cabinet and countertop company is so successful because we focus on what is most important to our customers—quality and value. We do not have a fancy showroom. Instead, we have a well-organized space that shows our products to their best advantage. Because of this, our company can offer you stone countertops with custom cuts at affordable costs.

Helpful Guidance in Choosing New Kitchen Counters

Make food preparation, cooking, and cleanup easy and enjoyable with help from our countertop company. We offer a beautiful selection of countertops that add beauty and functionality to this space. How much more fun it is to prepare a gourmet dinner on your new granite countertops. 

Talk to our professionals about what you are looking for—from material to style to color and price. We take these factors into consideration when recommending selections to you. We want you to have all the information you need to make a good decision about your kitchen countertops.

Modern Kitchen

Professional Installation Needed for Stone Countertops

We recommend professional countertop installation, especially when dealing with high-end materials, such as natural stone. You do not want to make an expensive mistake and return to the store for more material. It may not be easy to match another slab to the stone you already have as each is unique.

Stone is very heavy so it is challenging to lift into place. Special tools and equipment are needed. Unless you are a countertop fabricator, it is not likely you have this in your toolbox or garage. We have everything that is necessary for precise and long-lasting installation.

Another concern is cutting through stone. Some types of stone are softer and easier to cut, but it is still not an easy process—especially when you need to cut out around the sink and other features. Rely on our professionals for custom-cut countertops, as well as edging.

Counters with Quality & Value

Let us help you find the perfect counters for your kitchen or bathroom. With the selection we have, you are sure to find material that complements your cabinets and works well with the design of your space. As countertops are something you will live with for a long time, we want to make sure you get the quality and value for your dollars.

Contact us today for sales, design, and installation of your new granite countertops. We proudly serve Carrollton, Frisco, Plano, Lewisville, and Addison, Texas.